November thoughts - SONGS THAT MOVE YOU!

On the radio this morning I hear a conversation that sparked a new blog topic. This is going to be an ongoing blog, for the month of November I’m going to keep this post up, with modifications along the way. Just reply and I’ll add your reply to the post along w/ the songs…if I can find them.


They can be inspirational, sad, happy, etc.

17)Kalyon Ka Chamon - UMI 10....james

16)Jennifer Knapp - Faithful to Me....ali kat

15)Jaci Velasquez - On My Knees....ali kat

14)Gershwin - Someone to Watch Over Me....ali kat

13)Lonestar - Amazed...logziella
12)Martina McBride - Anyway...amos
11)(depends on how I need to be moved).....amekuser
* Toward God: - Marcos Witt - Santo, Santo, Santo
* Romantic: - Eva Cassidy - Song Bird
* Sentimental: - Don Henley - End of the Innocence
* Make me laugh: - Blondie - Maria (...you gotta see her)
* Make me want to drop everything and become a musician: - John Mayer - Clarity
* Make me want to drive fast: - Tiziano Ferro - Stop! Dimentica
* Make me miss my friend Cha-rizz like nobody's business: - Dream Academy - Life in a Northern Town

10)Sheryl Crow & Sting - Always by my side....amazingbrenda

9)Don Henley - The Heart of the Matter....amazingbrenda

8)Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses....somebody's nobody

7)Barry White - Can't get enough of your love....scrapbookigguru

6)Body Rockers - I like the way you move...scrapbookigguru

5)Any Josh Groban Song - The Prayer....amos

4)Eugene Gregory - You are my Everything....amos

3)Gary Allan - Life Ain't Always Beautiful....alyssa

2)Tom Jones - Sex Bomb....Mr Zig

1)Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance


mr zig said...

Sex Bomb - Tom Jones -

Alyssa said...

Life Ain't Always Beautiful - Gary Allan

Aweful, Beautiful Life - Darryl Worley

Amos said...

You are my Everything - Eugene Gregory

Amos said...

The Prayer - Josh Groban
Any Josh Groban Song

scrapbookingguru said...

"I like the way you move"
Body Rockers

"Can't get enough of your love"
Barry White

Somebody's Nobody said...

Butterfly kisses. My video song at my wedding. AWWW.

amazingbrenda said...

The heart of the matter- Eagles

Always by my side - Sheryl Crow & Sting

Frank SInatra, Harry Conick Jr, Tony Benett, Bin Cosby haha! I don't know the titles. hehe! But here are 2 for now.

amazingbrenda said...

Thanks for p;aying my song. It was cool to open your blog & there it was. I laughed. Steve will post his songs to you.

amekuser said...

The answer to this question varies, but right now it would be...
hmmm - that MOVE me - depends on how I need to be moved:
* Toward God: Santo, Santo, Santo - Marcos Witt
* Romantic: Song Bird - Eva Cassidy
* Sentimental: End of the Innocence - Don Henley
* Make me laugh: Maria - Blondie (...you gotta see her)
* Make me want to drop everything and become a musician: Clarity - John Mayer
* Make me want to drive fast: Stop! Dimentica - Tiziano Ferro
* Make me miss my friend Cha-rizz like nobody's business: Life in a Northern Town - Dream Academy

O.K. Now you have a few songs to look up - except the last one ;)
Tomorrow most of these will probably be different.
Uh - and amazingbrenda got her "Heart of the matter" from me...

Amos said...

Anyway...Martina McBride

Oh yeah, CMA Awards, it was good!

amazingbrenda said...

Btw. let me clear something up. I chose the song, but could not remember the title. I knew who sang it, but ...vould not remember the title. haha!

Logziella said...

OK...finally I had some time to think and get in on this action!!

I love "Amazed"...by Lonestar...

Ali Kat said...

I have three favorites (and an extra):

1) Jennifer Knapp - Faithful to Me
2) Jaci Velasquez - On My Knees
3) Gershwin - Someone to Watch Over Me

extra: Eva Cassidy - Songbird

Sorry it took so long. I had to think about it for a while. I've sung and heard so many awesome songs. I keep thinking of more, but I'll stop there!!

amazingbrenda said...

Here's another one :
Maneater- Nelly Furtado

Logziella said...

Ah Ali Kat-I LOVE that Jennifer Knapp song. I haven't heard it in forever but I have the CD so I will have to dig it out! Thanks for the memory!

John said...

The only song that brings a lump to my throat every time I hear it - "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Middler

amazingbrenda said...

Why aren't u playing all these songs? The month is almost over. hehe!

James said...

my song is :
Kalyon Ka Chamon - UMI 10
(Garden of Flowers)

It is a lovely tune. Seriously, good luck finding that one!