Jo Jack Potato Sack

Sunday afternoon was absolutely gorgeous. Big blue sky, snow on the mountain peaks, bright sun. Perfect day to go for a bike ride!! We saddled up and headed for the trail. I was on my trusty Schwinn, L was pullin Pocky & Si was on his hotrod. After a 'once-around' the block we stopped at the school/local park. Feeling good, I comendered Si's hotrod and took it for a spin. First spin was great, felling cocky, I took it around for some more. I found the goal of everyboy who has mastered the hum-drum pedeling process.....a jump! That's right a bon-a-fide jump. Not just any jump, but a natural jump, made from the hills we road on. With glee and excitement, I approached. "Yes, success, I made it" Next time.....FASTER!!! I swung that iron peddling machine arround and set my gaze. "Faster, Higher, Better" I let loose and peddled, aiming for the best spot, there it is!!! Up, up & Down, and down hard, right on my left knee and arm. AAAAGGHHHHH that hurt. Don't let the boys see the pain. Yes pain, road rash pain. This is a learning experience, "For who?" you may ask, well the boys of course. Don't ever let them see you cry, suck it up & act like nothing happened.
Some other kids were in the park that day, the wanted to know what Si's name was, in his hesitation they said "Hey what's your name?.......Is it Jo Jack Potato sack?"
What does that have to do w/ my stunt.....nothing just thought it was funny.


I'm bringing home a baby Bumble Bee

This being my first blog in the Blogger world I feel I must start w/ the most recent happening in My life....Last week was getting ready to tear into some lucious Bumble Bee Ready to Eat Chicken Salad. It makes a wonderful snack ( 6 crackers w/ evenly spread Chicken Salad atop of them. Well, I was meticulously setting up for the spread and noticed that I only had 5 crackers, yep, 5, count them....count them I did!!! Where was the sixth one? Still in the package? Nope, empty. With a very disappointed look on my face & an empty space in my stomach. I stepped up, went to BumbleBee.com and let my feelings be known. Feeling alittle contentment w/ my situation I proceeded to enjoy my 5 fully loaded Chicken Salad crackers. I forgot all about my little rant and last week I received in the mail, 2 coupons, 1 for .25 off Any Variety, Any Size Bumble Bee Product & 1 for One FREE Any Variety.....Mission Accomplilshed....I love Bumble Bee!!! This just makes me want to sing "....I'm bringing home a baby Bumble Bee, won't my mommy be so proud of me..."

Bon Appetit