I'm bringing home a baby Bumble Bee

This being my first blog in the Blogger world I feel I must start w/ the most recent happening in My life....Last week was getting ready to tear into some lucious Bumble Bee Ready to Eat Chicken Salad. It makes a wonderful snack ( 6 crackers w/ evenly spread Chicken Salad atop of them. Well, I was meticulously setting up for the spread and noticed that I only had 5 crackers, yep, 5, count them....count them I did!!! Where was the sixth one? Still in the package? Nope, empty. With a very disappointed look on my face & an empty space in my stomach. I stepped up, went to BumbleBee.com and let my feelings be known. Feeling alittle contentment w/ my situation I proceeded to enjoy my 5 fully loaded Chicken Salad crackers. I forgot all about my little rant and last week I received in the mail, 2 coupons, 1 for .25 off Any Variety, Any Size Bumble Bee Product & 1 for One FREE Any Variety.....Mission Accomplilshed....I love Bumble Bee!!! This just makes me want to sing "....I'm bringing home a baby Bumble Bee, won't my mommy be so proud of me..."

Bon Appetit


Logziella said...

Oh boy!! This is going to be fun--you can ALWAYS make me laugh!!!

I NEED to get Chuck to start blogging! Come on...Chris is doin it!!

Welcome to the club!

amekuser said...

haha - nice picture!
5 or 6 crackers don't sound that filling either way, I have to say... :(
But enjoy that free lunch!!

Semic70 said...

Come on Chuck....step up!

True Steve, I would prefer about 10-12 crackers to truely enjoy the experience.

PS...Don't eat yellow schnee

scrapbookingguru said...

Ok, I was the person who opened the mail. Semic did not tell me about his experience with Bumble Bee, so imagine my surprise at this letter...here is an excerpt...
"We are at a loss to offer an explanation for the condition of the product as you described it. Our highly trained personnel follow stringent quality control procedures to provide the consumer with the highest quality product on the market. We apologize..."

WHAT?!? I was so concerned that my darling husband somehow became ill from consuming sub standard food. Or worse yet, that it was infested with some creatures! When he came home, that was the first thing I asked him as I showed him the letter.

Once he explained the situation, I then realized, not for the first time, that I married a door knob!!!
Imagine complaining for one itty bitty cracker...

I told him he should name his blog
Happiness in a box...but he chose this name in honor of Amekuser...:)

Anonymous said...

awe..1 cracker! what are you 80!!. haha. hey well I guess one cracker can make a difference. I wonder how many more people were missing a cracker? mmmhmm...let me think....Glad you enjoyed the experience 7 your coupons. jeje!


Semic70 said...

I think I did it on principle.

Amos said...

Hey, you should've asked them for coupons for extra crackers too! Can't wait to see what the next post bring. Hey, the basement rookie story would be good! Just kidding.

Love ya, Bro

Logziella said...


Ali Kat said...

logziella said it all. When's your next entry coming?

Mojonah said...

Looking forward to your blog...maybe I can get Obi to blog as well....HA! Fat chance. Nice thought though. I know he will love reading your blogs as well.