Anything but Music....

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Thanks to all that contributed to my November blog. I have to admit I set it up to take a break, collect my thoughts so I could blog w/ fury and have alot to talk about. BUT, it back fired; I have no idea of what to say. Well, I can I write about the schnee that has covered our city, or is it a town...city, I think. A town is smaller, yea we live in a city.....anyway, the schnee, it's nice, it brought w/it frigid temps, the high today was 30, the low tonight is to be around -2…ouch!! Anyway the house in the pic is ours, all decorated for Christmas. It doesn’t blink or flash like the one in the video, but it’s homey. I’m sure that you all have seen this video from last year, but I thought that I would feature it to get us all into the Christmas spirit.