Help Desk

I have been accused of being an blogger tease, I guess that means that I don't post enough. I don't want to disappoint any loyal fans by not posting enough, how dare I!!? Some people post about daily events in their life. Others post about special things that happen to them or significant strides they have made regarding a certain topic. Well, either I'm not that interesting or not that much stuff happens to me in one day. My day consists of loving on my family and working. Loving on my family is great and I guess I could share of all the cute little things that my kids say, but that's not me. My work, is just that.....WORK. So I have to post things that are funny and make me laugh at life.
So, I found this clip awhile back and thought that I would share this.....Enjoy!!


Logziella said...

Either you are easily entertained or there is something wrong with my computer...b/c all I got was a black screen!!

Semic70 said...

It should launch a video of a taped conversation from a help desk guy calling someone back..

Logziella said...

Ok...I got it now! That is hilarious!!

And oh too true! What is up with all these 3rd world, non english speaking countries always being where the help desks are these days???

amazingbrenda said...

Logzie, it's called :Cheap Labor"..bad customer srvce cuz we can't understand what the heck they are saying, hehe!

semic, that's funny, tank u broda heg'n..aleluya!!