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L & I committed to each other that we would read throught the bible this year on a set reading plan. I have to admit that she has been doing better than I have. I read like I'm on a roller coaster, I skip some days then get caught up ona bunch of missed days.......4...5..... 20 days at a time. Reading, for me is a stuggle, not that I have a hard time reading the words, but that I am sight stimulated, I would rather watch 'Old Yeller' than read about him. Well..... I just got caught up on my daily reading, and needless to say that when you read for HOURS a day, you get pretty motivated and God shows your alot of stuff. Read God's word also creates a hunger.

In my search for more to eat(read) I found an awesome daily devotions http://www.christianitytoday.com/men/features/2007/jul22.html . Just in the first 2 readings I have been charged to do more, convicted if you will. Here is Mondays reading.......

Flight PlanTheme of the Week: Defining ChoicesMonday, July 23

Key Bible Verse: "Be just and fair to all," says the Lord. "Do what is right and good, for I am coming soon to rescue you. Blessed are those who are careful to do this" (Isaiah 56:1-2).

Bonus Reading:
Psalm 25:1-5, 21

My tires screeched rounding a corner at the airport parking garage. Debbie and I were running late. I spotted an open parking space. Backing up to squeeze in, I forgot about the trailer hitch we'd just installed. It hit the car behind me. I jumped out to inspect a slightly damaged bumper.

What to do? The right thing was to leave a note—but taking the time to do so would make us miss our flight. Besides, the car was old, with dents and scratches. The damaged plastic probably would have no effect on the car's owner, I told myself; but missing our flight would have a big effect on us. "We've got to get to that plane!" I announced, and headed for the terminal.

But I hadn't gotten very far when a voice called inside me. "Is catching a plane so important," it asked, "that it's worth forfeiting God's favor?" I stopped in my tracks, turned to Debbie, and said, "I'm sorry, Honey. I just have to leave a note."
"I know," she replied without a hint of misgiving. So I wrote a note with my phone number, and left it on the damaged car.

We did miss our flight, but lined up a later one and enjoyed a leisurely lunch.
—Robert Morris in From Dream to Destiny

My Response: Am I attempting to ignore, or listening for, that inner voice?

That Bonus Reading is awesome... ENJOY!


taking care of 5 said...

I understand the struggle of reading. Koz is much better at it than I. That devo was cool though.

Semic70 said...

Reading is fundamental!!
This devo that I found is cool.

Cool challenging questions:
How am I practicing honesty, service, and excellence on the job?

Logziella said...

You have been tagged my friend...

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