I have been scolded, My wife actually told me, to my face, that she doesn't read my blog because I only put videos...I was in awe!!!
I have to admit that it does take alot of energy to think of something to write. I know, I know....just write about what's going on in my life, blah blah blah...My life isn't too exciting.

Tuesday 7/10
-5:00 AM: Wake up - find something to eat for b-fast & lunch w/o waking family.
-5:15 Drive to work.
-5:50 Arrive at work and log into phone & computer.
-6:00 take first of 50 phone calls for they day from a person who works w/ computers, but doesn't know how to operate one.....(OK I'll stop grumbling).
-11:00 Lunch. (PB&J at my desk)
-12:00 PM Return to the phones.
-5:00 Leave work.
-5:45 Return home.
-5:45 - 10:00 play w/ kids, love on the wife, talk to neighbors.
-10:00 Go to bed.

I know, that that doesn't sound very exciting, but it was a good day.
In retrospect, that means 'looking back on the day', God has blessed me immensely. I have a wonderful family, beautiful wife, good friends, a job & live in America. I would still be as blessed if I lived in another country, but I like America. :o)

In the future I will try to be alittle more wordy for blogging purposes & less into videos, but don't get mad at me if 1 slips in every once in awhile.

By the way, this is a test to see if anyone reads this at all, I may just go back to videos. No pressure, but it's all up to the readers, that's you, if I keep typing or not.


Logziella said...


Yes, I agree with your lovely wife...no more videos...we want to hear from you!! You're a very entertaining person and I am sure you will have quite a following in no time!

Welcome back to blogland!

Semic70 said...

Ouch, this takes too much time....It hurts too!!

Just kidding, I will try to come up w/ something to make you smile.

taking care of 5 said...

Yay!! I love the new blogger you. It suits you :) We don't see you ever, so even what seems mundane to you is fresh news to us!

Semic70 said...

Thanks. I used blog w/ actual information, then got lazy.....
The L hurt my feeling....whhhaaaaaa!!
Just kidding, I have all these cool ideas, just need to pace myself.

Anonymous said...

I like videos.

No just kidding, good post. Your day sounds nice. I read your blog each time you make a post so I can keep up with the Dirty Schnee. So I can tell my friends that at 3:23 am I was on my computer looking at the Dirty Schnee. They will think I am a sicko. They don't know the Dirty Schnee though, so they will just have to think whatever....

Peace my friend.

Domestic Diva said...

Good job, Honey...just to let you know, you have permission to put a couple of vidoes every once and AWHILE...


amekuser said...

dang - you get up early!!!
...no more late-night TV for you! ;)


I tell people all the time to take my blog for example a lot of times I don't have anything to say... people still read.