iPhone......I could leave home without one

Interesting article about the NEW 3G iPhone due to be released July '08. You may have to read it to get the full view, but some points I would like to point out:
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1) AT&T is raising its minimum monthly service subscription for the new iPhone from $60 to $70 per month, according to the Associated Press.
That's an extra $240 over the lifetime of the two-year contract — more than the $200 initial savings on the handheld's retail price.

2) you're instructed to go to a brick-and-mortar Apple Store — where dollars to doughnuts you'll be forced to sign your name on a two-year AT&T service contract, just as you would in an AT&T retail store.

3) ...mainstream cellular carriers discovered long ago, Americans aren't as willing to part with their money upfront as foreigners are.

4) So Apple and AT&T were forced to fall back on what Americans really want — buy now, pay later. In a way, that $200 you save on the new iPhone is really a loan you'll be paying back to AT&T at 10 percent yearly interest.

5) But the price cut squarely targets the main market — the millions of Americans who will see the new upfront cost, think "half off" and run out to buy the things all over again.

You're going to have to read it to better understand.....I just wanted to inform the few that read this, to do the math before yo ubuy anything.....That's my my Consumer Report warning for the day!!

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