Remember our future....Our Children!!!

I saw this first video the other day and thought that it was sending a very powerful message. I’m not sure if it was slotted to air here in the States, I doubt it. Probably shot to be played on websites like Youtube, etc. It sends a very clear and powerful message. Not everyone can relate to all the situations portrayed in the clip, but we can all take something way from watching it.

WARNING: Some situations may be offensive to watch. Remember the point of the video.

Children See. Children Do. [Campaign]

I saw this video last year….Nov ’06. Everytime I hear the song I cry…Good point here as well.

Importance of a 5-Point Harness Carseat

Sidebar: Awesome article regarding the Superbowl....http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs06/columns/story?columnist=smith_michael&id=2740318


Logziella said...

UM...WOW!!! That first one was pretty powerful!! It got me almost in tears here!

I have seen the second one before but never heard the song with it. Wow!!

Thanks for sharing those!

scrapbookingguru said...

Babe....the first one was really bad....it totally convicted me and how I am with the kids... obviously not as bad....but I want to be like Jesus...so they can want to be like Him...thanks for sharing

amazingbrenda said...

Thats is true, so very true. It's def. a reminder to do the right thing. Like saying comon tupid car. Steve said that & Andre repeated it. haha.

I ahve seen the second one as well, it just makes me wanna cry too everytime i see it. That little boy was Andre's age. :(

Thanks for sharing. hey ck out my blog.